Why donate – Benefits

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) will answer the call for new and exciting opportunities in materials joining while maintaining a focus on industry stakeholders and the advancement of the joining industry. Our team is committed to supporting North American industry by positioning MaJIC to help industry address change in increasingly competitive markets. Industry will be best served by ready access to our Innovation Centre with world-class facilities, staffed by highly skilled professionals. Your early investment in MaJIC will generate more profitable and competitive materials joining technology in Canada and greater stability in sourcing of skilled professionals.

To donate, complete the Corporate Form or Personal Form. Your contributions are fully tax-receiptable and celebrated through unique recognition opportunities.

These include media events, naming ceremonies for large gifts, website links and other media exposure. In support of launching this exciting project, our team would like to enter into a dialogue surrounding your immediate investment or one staged over three years.

Your support represents materials joining experts investing in their industry and citizens investing in their community, recognizing our own capacity for excellence. Your investment will support our immediate capital needs and help us leverage federal and provincial funding. Your participation as a funding partner will:

  • Enhance opportunities for individuals and industry for a culture of innovation
  • Develop enhanced materials joining skills for local, provincial and national industry
  • Connect our industry to first-class lab experiences that support first-class innovation
  • Demonstrate the capacity of the materials joining industry to participate fully the economy.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding MaJIC or your donation. We also extend an offer of a tour and presentation to you and your team in support of your decision