At MaJIC, we are able to offer both civil and architectural services in-house. Whether you’re designing your first home or renovating a current building, from beginning to end, MaJIC can help. Services also include help with zoning and by-law compliances, construction supervision and inspection of the final project. 



Civil Engineering

  • Building Design
          *  Barns, Sheds, Garages etc.
  • Foundation Design
  • Structural Evaluation & Inspection of Existing Buildings
  • Project Construction Supervision
  • Structural Consultation
          *  Home Designs
          *  Wall Removal
          *  Beam Design 


Civil Engineering projects have ranged from small support beam designs meant to facilitate the removal of loadbearing walls during home renovations to the design of entire houses and barns according to client specifications.Our broad range of civil and architectural services allows us to offer companies, contractors, and individuals the support they need to complete their construction projects both on time, and on budget. 


Architectural Design

  • Small Building/Home Architectural Designs      
          *  Concept  
          *  Permit
          *  Construction Drawings 
  • Renovations & Additions
  • Architectural Consultations 


Mechanical Services

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Industrial Process Optimization
  • Building Systems